The HTD Difference

7 Key Differentiators of the Horizon Talent Developer™

While feedback from other 360° tools can be interesting, it’s usually not specific enough to ensure that people will immediately grow and develop from the feedback, and take the correct action steps needed.

Here’s how HTD accomplishes that, and differs from other feedback tools:
21 Proven Skill and Behavior Areas: Performance areas are categorized into 21 critical skill and behavior areas for professional and personal growth. People see how they perceive themselves in these specific areas versus how other colleagues and business associates perceive them. These key areas have been developed and vetted through 4+ decades of leadership coaching, management training, and advisory consulting by the HTD creator, Dr. Roger Flax.
Comprehensive Action Plans: Unlike traditional 360’s, HTD does not end with results, but instead, generates customizable Action Plans for each of the 21 skill and behavior categories… with approximately 20-40 specific tools/techniques for participants to apply to each of the 21 categories, all geared to develop strengths, address weaknesses, identify opportunities, and avoid potential derailers for success.
“Mentoring for Results” eModule Series: 5 thorough training modules that educate managers on how to mentor people and provide effective feedback and direction that will lead to measurable results.
The 5 Mentoring topics include:
  1. 23 Tips for Mentoring a Person
  2. The 6-step ROBUST model for the actual mentor-mentee process
  3. Establishing a “Mentoring” Culture
  4. Models for presenting constructive feedback, “motivational” criticism and praise, and stretch goals
  5. Ensuring Mentor-Mentee Follow-through and Accountability
This mentor-mentee component is critical for overall long-term success.
Cost-Effective Pricing Structure: Allows users to re-take the HTD each subsequent year, to measure year-to-year growth, and assess ongoing, future development needs. These reasonable costs permit the entire organization, from top down, to undergo the HTD, thereby establishing a feedback-driven culture in the entire organization.
Total Accountability, Follow-Through, Results-Driven Process: The HTD program doesn’t end with the feedback, it just begins! The 20 to 40 action plans per category, plus the 5-part Mentoring piece, and cost-effective annual re-testing all ensure accountability and long-term commitment, and most importantly, ongoing personal and professional growth.
Complete Customization: From your organization’s name branded in the official name of the Talent Developer (for example—United Talent Developer)… to customizing all 21 categories and 105 question to match up to your company, the industry, specific terms, practices, technical language, etc. HTD can be totally customized to your group’s needs.
Top Trainers and Coaches, When Needed: If your people need group sessions in any of the areas that indicate needs for group or individual training, we will provide you with top, proven, dynamic leadership consultants to conduct these requested programs for you.
And if building horizontal, high-performance organizations and teams is your need… HTD deploys a premiere, well-established global consulting firm in the “high-performance teams” coaching/consulting area.


As you can see, the Horizon Talent Developer is much more than a 360 feedback tool.